New England sales rep    

As the local sales agent for North Carolina Granite Co, of Mount Airy, North
Carolina,  BFR & Associates is able to furnish  such items as granite curbing
and granite pavers.   
Granite curb and granite pavers will endure the ever increasing battering from
more and heavier traffic. Granite curbing and granite pavers are not affected
by temperature extremes or from the constant use of salts or other
chemicals used for snow and ice removal. Granite curb is far superior and will
out last any other curb material.

North Carolina Granite Corporation has the most modern facilities for
producing and shipping large quantities of granite curb to meet the most
demanding project schedules. Inquiries regarding any proposed use of granite
, whether conventional or innovative, is welcomed. We also supply other
granite items for landscaping purposes, i.e. steps, pavers, border curbing,
benches etc….

Please contact Brice Repolt regarding pricing at 603-623-3452 or ..

Granite Curb
Granite Pavers
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Granite Curbing
Radiused Curbing
Slope-faced Curbing
Truncated Paver
Entrance Walkway
Unit Pavers
Granite Curbing
Installation Sample
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