A Comprehensive Guide To Custom Walk-In Closets In Vancouver

The ultimate dream of every fashionista and fashion enthusiast is to own custom walk-in closets in Vancouver. Apart from the closet becoming a fashion statement in and of itself, it offers a luxurious yet practical home storage solution. The customized nature of these closets allows for the specific organization of curated collections while eliminating the necessary frantic search for the perfect wardrobe staple items.

Designing a functional, unique, and truly custom walk-in closet is often a daunting task and requires the selection of a highly trusted professional local company. Apart from taking into consideration how you can maximize the potential space in your walk-in closet, the following guide will also help you make some much needed decisions while educating you about these custom closets!

What Exactly Are Custom Walk-In Closets In Vancouver?

Though their name is fairly self-explanatory, these closets are essentially large wardrobes that are customized to your specifications and allow you to walk inside of them. They are considered the pinnacle of opulence and luxury while meeting all of the needs of a homeowner for organization. Most importantly, any space in a home is easily turned into a walk-in closet, though highly recommended are spare bedrooms.

Most custom walk-in closets contain home storage solutions that are designed for your specific needs, such as:

*Storage features
*Make-up stations
*Changing rooms or areas

Custom walk-in closets as well as home storage solutions offer a number of advantages, some of which we’ll discuss below.

*Additional Privacy

Privacy is perhaps the most important and highly sought after aspect of custom walk-in closets in Vancouver. For example, having a separate space for you and your spouse where you can both get ready in the morning is a modern way to introduce functionality into a home. If you need any amount of privacy, simply walk inside of the closet and close the door! This way, the busy morning routines or schedules of everyone else won’t impact your ability to get ready fashionably.

*Enhanced Storage Solutions

It’s hardly a surprise that the custom nature of walk-in closets also allow for enhanced storage solutions. From custom shelves and cabinets to drawers and cubbies, you can take advantage of all of the horizontal and vertical storage space available.

*Easy To Maintain

A custom walk-in closet design fully eliminates the possibility of using your closet space for dumping household junk. You will finally have the ability to fully organize all of the shoes, clothing, and accessories that you own in the way that you want. With custom-built home storage solutions, you can display your favorite items and easily dust or clean everything inside.

*Increased Functionality

A properly organized and well thought out custom walk-in closet offers both efficiency and functionality. In fact, you can adjoin your new closet space to your bathroom in order to display much often used accessories such as a mirror, dressing table or hair dryer. This can help you make your morning routine after showering even easier!

*Added Home Value

The right walk-in closet also increases the resale value of your home. In fact, adding a custom closet to your home is much more affordable than a dreaded kitchen remodel!

4 Things To Consider When Designing A Walk-In Closet Space

When designing the perfect walk-in closets in Vancouver, it’s crucial to also consider the following four aspects of good design:

1. Storage: Make a fairly comprehensive list of the items you will need specific storage solutions for in your new closet. This will ensure that the layout and the design of the closet will meet your exact needs. For example, if you have a collection of luxury designer handbags, you will need proper shelving or cubbies to display them in.

2. Optimize Space: Regardless of how cramped a space is, you can turn it into a fully functional additional closet! However, it’s important that what you choose to design within that space makes use of every inch! Adding custom wall cabinets and shelves is perhaps the best way to utilize every surface while helping keep the closet organized.

3. Choose Functionality: You may want to display all of your fashion accessories and designer items, but it’s crucial to consider function over form. A solid walk-in closet never compromises on functionality to deliver storage solutions that actually make sense. Yes, you will want to ensure that the space looks good, but ultimately, you want it to house and organize all of your belongings.

4. Keep It Lit And Ventilated: Don’t forget that proper lighting is necessary in your new closet space to ensure everything is viewable. Usually, custom closets rely on track-lighting and under-cabinet lighting to deliver illumination. Of course, some will choose traditional overhead lights to help light their accessories. Lastly, make sure there’s some type of ventilation and humidity control in the space to ensure proper preservation of the items inside and to eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia.

Are Custom Walk-In Closets In Vancouver Right For You?

Thanks to their high levels of efficiency, custom walk-in closets are worth every penny spent (and then some)! If you value functionality, usability, and organization above all else, a custom closet is the perfect solution to all of your problems. When properly thought out and designed, a walk-in closet has the ability to utilize all excess space in your home in a manner that befits your needs and hones organization.

From the building part to simply designing a walk-in closet, the right Vancouver company can help you make your dreams a reality! With years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that all of your needs are met while your home remains free of unnecessary clutter. The perfect custom home storage solutions and walk-in closet are well within your reach thanks to fair pricing and affordable options. Regardless of the size of your budget and your personal needs, you can rest assured that the right storage solutions and the ideal closet are waiting to get designed just for you!


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